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Course Content – Oracle Apps Technical online training


Introduction to ERP

  • Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP’S
  • Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’S
  • Different Roles & Responsibilities in E-business Suite Project
  • Types of Projects
  • Oracle Application Architecture.
  • Database structure of OA
  • AIM documentation standards
  • Using TOAD

Application Object Library

  • Creating Users
  • WHO columns
  • Creating Responsibilities
  • Menu construction
  • Request group construction
  • Creation of Value sets
  • Different types of Values sets

Concurrent Program Registration

  • Different types of Execution methods
  • Report Registration
  • PL/SQL procedure Registration Process
  • Table Registration Process

Reports registration

  • Report development
  • Report registration
  • Parametric report registration
  • Reports with repeating frames

Module Overviews

  • GL Module flow with base tables
  • Accounts Payable module flow with base tables
  • Accounts Receivable module flow with base tables
  • PO module flow with base tables

Form registration

  • Template.fmb
  • Appstand.fmb
  • Form development using templates
  • Form customization concepts
  • Form Registration Process
  • Custom.Pll
  • Using function Zoom_available( )
  • Using procedure Event( )

XML Publisher

  • Introduction to XML Publisher
  • Generating XML file using reports
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Data Definitions
  • XML Bursting 


  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • Outbound Interfaces
    • Using UTL_FILE package
  • Inbound Interfaces
    • Using SQL * Loader tool


  • Overview on conversions
  • Difference between Interfaces and conversions
  • Working with staging table script
  • Developing validations package
  • Standards to be followed in conversions

Procure to pay (P2P) cycle

Order to cash (O2C) cycle

Multi Org Cycle

Multi Org Access Control

Flex Fields

  • Types of Flex Fields
    • Descriptive Flex Fields
    • Key Flex Fields


  • Workflow Components
  • Components of Workflow process
  • Creating Sample Workflow
  • Workflow APIs
  • Workflow Tables

Code Migration

Version Control Tools