Sharepoint Online training

Share Point 2013 Online training

1). What is SharePoint?
SharePoint is a Content Management system ,where you can organize your data , create websites and more functionalities without code. However we can use for designing the  forms, workflows, powerful scripts.
2).Who can learn SharePoint?.
Basically SharePoint is a product(tool) which built on .net framework and has inbuilt templates and features where users can reuse it and create new functionalities. People who doesn’t have more coding experience or who can’t write more code can choose SharePoint as it has more inbuilt features.
3). What are the prerequisites to learn SharePoint?. 
Should have basic knowledge on OOPS concept, C# and java script.
4).How is the job opportunities in INDIA & USA?.
There are many opportunities as SharePoint Server is the fastest growing product. Most of the fortune 500 companies uses SharePoint for their public facing sites and for Content Management system.
Microsoft is spending lot of investment in cloud and SharePoint.

Getting Started to Share Point 2013

  •  Introduction to SharePoint Foundation 2013
  •  Introduction to SharePoint 2013
  •  New features in SP2013
  •  Creating a Site and Working with Documents and editing pages
  •  Installation and configuration in SharePoint 2013 or Sp2010

Working with Content

  •  Configuring Lists and Document Libraries
  •  Understand New Features in 2013
  •  Understand Content Types
  •  Using Document Templates

Getting Started with Share Point 2013 Development

  •  SharePoint as a Development Platform
  •  Creating a Site
  •  Lists and Pages
  •  Visual Web parts
  •  SharePoint Architecture


  • About Features
  •  Deploy Files with Module
  •  Define Fields
  • Create Content Types
  •  Create List Instances

Event Receivers

  •  Event Receivers Overview
  •  Types of Event Receivers
  •  Feature Receivers

Developing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2013

  •  SharePoint 2013 Project and Item Templates
  •  Configuring Deployment and Activation
  •  Importing Web Solution Packages

Writing Managed Code with the SharePoint Object Model

  •  Core Classes in Microsoft SharePoint
  •  Display Webs and Lists with a Web Part
  •  Elevation of Privileges
  •  Managing Resources with Dispose

PowerShell Commands

  •  Overview of Power shell
  •  Deployment with power shell
  •  Scripts on power shell

Programming Lists with Managed Code

  •  List Object Model
  •  Manipulate Lists and List Items
  •  Create List Instances
  •  Define Views
  •  CAML Queries
  •  Joins
  •  LINQ to SharePoint

User Controls and Web Parts

  •  Create User Controls
  •  Visual Web Parts
  •  Create Web Parts

SharePoint Client Object Model

  •  Introduction to the Client Object Model
  •  Loading Object Instances
  •  Using the Client Object Model in Managed Code
  •  CSOM
  •  JSOM
  •  REST API calls

Programming with List Items and Custom List Forms

  •  Create, Read, Update and Delete List Items
  •  Dealing with Complex Field Types
  •  Creating Event Handlers

Master Pages

  •  Creating SharePoint Master Pages in ASP.NET
  •  Build Custom Master Pages
  •  Deploy Custom Master Pages

Sandbox Solutions

  •  Sandbox Overview
  •  Sandbox Benefits
  •  Sandbox Limitations
  •  Creating Visual Web Parts
  •  Full Trust Proxies

Site Definitions and Web Templates

  •  Core Foundation Site Definitions
  •  Custom Site Definitions
  •  WebTemp and ONET.xml
  •  Web Template Features

Navigation and the Ribbon

  •  Configure Navigation Programmatically
  •  SPMenu Control


  •  SharePoint Designer Site Workflows
  •  Deploying Declarative Workflows with Web Solution Packages
  •  Types of Workflows
  •  Migration of workflows
  •  List Workflows
  •  Site Workflows

InfoPath Forms

  •  Creating InfoPath forms
  •  Rules in InfoPath forms
  •  Data Connections in InfoPath forms
  •  Integrating InfoPath with workflows.
  •  Working with InfoPath Form and SP designer

Nintex Workflows

  •  Ninex workflows
  •  Nintex FORMS


  •  Levels of permissions
  •  People and Groups
  •  Privileges

Backup and Restore

  • Types of backup and restore
  •  List backup
  •  Site Backup

SharePoint APPS

  •  Types of APPS
  •  SharePoint Hosted Apps
  •  Provider Hosted Apps

Troubleshooting Tools

  •  ULS Log viewer
  •  CAML Designer
  •  Power GUI